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Chinese Girl Losing Bet

Chinese girl opening her shirt and jean after losing a bet at pub.


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Nude Rihanna pics rock US

here you go, sorry for the late posting... You must had already saw those 18-rated Rihana selfpics her huge rocking boob. Got it over my mailbox on sunday. But somehow forgot to updates it on tirunowexposed. ;| NVM, check it out now!

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College BBW Slut

I just got done scoring the winning run for my intramural softball team. I stole second and then scored on a single in the bottom of the inning. It was no big deal, but the guys on my floor were quite excited. We had a few beers while the other team congratulated us. We finished the year at 18-4 and were going to put the trophy in a display case back at the dorm. I lived in the only male dorm on campus. I decided not to pledge a fraternity my freshman year. I wanted to do good academically my first semester. I had to pay for my first year on the money I saved before I got to college. I was hoping to get a scholarship next year on my grades.

I had a pretty light schedule of classes for the next two weeks. Some of my professors were on a field trip to Egypt to look at the Pyramids. I did not start my first class until 10am all week. We picked up a keg of beer and headed back to the dorm. We snuck up the beer in a huge duffel bag marked soft ball supplies. I thought of the idea when the season started. The dorm was split in half. Guys on one side and girls on the other. We had strict rules to follow but no one made a big deal out of any of them. Especially our Resident Director who would be stopping by later to have drink with us. He was pretty cool. It had been at college approaching 9 years. He always had great stories to tell.

I woke up room mate so he could go to class. It was almost 3pm in the afternoon. Mike and I had been up drinking most of the night before he passed out. He had only one class this semester. I was a little disappointed when I got back to my room and there were no messages on my phone. I was suppose to see Melissa, this girl I was seeing. We met while in line for a computer class my first day at school. She only about 5ft 2 and weighed maybe a hundred. She dresses very conservative. She is from Utah and is still a virgin. At least that what she tells me. My friends and room mate caller her the skinny bitch. She can be a little over bearing when it comes to things I do. She spends hours getting ready to go out. She misses are dates all the time. She complains when we go out about the food or what I am wearing. I was suppose to meet her parent and her later for dinner at a restaurant in town.

I decide to take a shower. I needed to wash all the sweat, dirt and grime of my 6ft 3 frame. I work out all the time and ride my Mtn bike all over campus. I was in the shower washing my chest when I looked down to check out my cock. It had been almost 4 months since I got some action. I got lucky my last night at the video store where I worked. I was closing up when the owner's wife came into the store to help close for the night. She took me to the back office. I fucked her on her husband desk. She had been wanting to fuck me since we first met and she felt my big cock under my uniform. I had gotten a video from the top shelf on a ladder. She ran her hands over my ass and cock while I was handing her the videos. I was starting to get hard. I started to slowly masturbate. Just then the door to the bathroom opened. "Hey Buck your GF was on the phone. She wanted me to tell you that she is running late. She will call you later." said Eric.

"Thanks Dude!" I said. I dropped my cock and finished showering. I got back to my room and shaved. I put on some cologne. I clipped my nails. Did my hair. I was wearing a nice white button down long sleeve shirt and some dark blue jeans. I put on small black belt and some black leather shoes. I was checking my self in the mirror when the door to my room opened and Mike was back from class. I told him about the game while we had a beer. Some other guys from my floor stopped by and had some drinks. We started to play some Texas Hold em. After about two hours and everybody giving me shit for being dressed up for skinny bitch I decide to call her. I got no answer. I tired her cell but still no answer. I was beginning to think she forgot about me. Normally that would not be a major problem. I can always find something to do but being a Friday night and the weekend was just starting. I did not want to get wasted and have her show up with her parents. I decide to go for a walk to her dorm room.

It was on the other side of campus. It was close to 7pm when I got there. I used my photo badge to get inside the dorm. I took the elevator to the 8th floor. I got off and walked down the hall towards Melissa room. Her room was at the very end. It was pretty quite. Most of the girls were either out or studying at the library. Her floor was the academic floor. All the girls on the floor had to maintain a 4.0 grade average to live there. I am not sure how Melissa was on the floor but her Dad had given allot of money to the school.

I got to her dorm room and knocked on the door. A few seconds later the door opened. There was a blonde girl who answered the door. "Hi, are you looking for Melissa? She went out with her parents." she said. "Yeah I was looking for Melissa. My name Buck. Who are you?" I said. "Charlotte! I am Melissa new room mate. I just moved in this morning. Marcy her old room mate moved out the other day for personal reasons. I guess Melissa did not tell you." she said. "Nice to meet you. I don't normally come over. Been about a month. Melissa usually comes to my dorm room or meets me some where. I live in Vroman Hall across campus." I said. "Why don't you come in and wait for her. I am just studying some Anatomy for my finals in two weeks.

I walked in and sat on Melissa bed. Charlotte walked over to open the window. She sat on her bed and curled up on some pillows. She started to read her Anatomy book. Charlotte was the complete opposite of Melissa. Charlotte was about 5ft 8 and was close to a size 10/12. She was wearing a Hello Kitty pink shirt that was stretched over her large breast. She had some small pink shorts that hugged her big hips and thighs. The back of the shorts were stretched to cover her large ass. Her soft white skin was the polar opposite of Melissa. I was getting to feel warm inside the dorm room. I looked around and checked my watch.

I tried not to stare at Charlotte but she made it really difficult. I had thought I liked girls with no curves but maybe I was wrong. After about an hour I decide it was time to leave. "So you don't know when she going to be back? I guess I can go back to my room. I am sure they are still partying on my floor." I said. "No, sorry I don't know when she will be back." Charlotte said. As I got off the bed and was fixing my shirt the door to the room opened. "Hey! What's up Melissa." I said. "Hey you!" said Melissa. That was all she could say. I looked over Melissa left shoulder and saw her parents. Along with another guy standing next to them. It turns out Melissa had still been dating a guy from her home town. There church had already made plans for them to get married after she graduated from college. I guess I should have seen this one coming. I walked out with nothing to say. Tried to keep my mind in tact before I lost it to drinking when I got back to my room.

"I told you the skinny bitch was going to get you. You never listen bro." Mike said. "Yeah your right. I guess its time to get shit face and go to bed." I said. I spent the next 4 hours drinking. My cell kept going off but it was from Melissa cell. Then she tried to call from her dorm room. I was to pissed to answer plus I did not want her to get the best of me. Love sucks. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke about 11am and got Mike off to work. He had to go to his job at the library for the day. I had the room to myself. I decide to go take a long hot shower. I through on my flip flops and my big white cotton robe. I took a small bag with my shampoo and stuff for the shower. I took my big white towel and headed for the shower. It was about noon when I got back to my room.

I was about ready to open my door when I heard the door to the floor open. I looked down the hall to see two girl coming towards me. I noticed one being Charlotte and the other girl I did not no. I opened my door, holding it open from the inside. "Hey Charlotte!" I said. "Hey! How are you doing today. I am so sorry how things turned out last night. That Melissa is a real jerk. Her parents asked me and I told them about you. Her boyfriend got mad. Melissa and her parents, BF all left last night to go back to Utah to talk things over. I tried calling you. You left your ID Badge on her bed." Charlotte said. I smiled as I became more happier that Melissa and her parents left last night.

I was still smiling as I stood in the door way. "Before I forget this is my friend Tina. She lives down the hall from my room. I told her what happen, plus she always wanted to come to this dorm. She and I heard this floor throws great parties." Charlotte said. I invited the girls inside. "Take a seat on my room mate bed. Sorry about the beer bottles and liquor on the floor. Better yet why don't sit on my bed. I made it this morning with clean sheets. I was just getting back from taking a shower." I said. I walked over after sitting them down to my closet. I was checking my hair in the mirror while checking them out.

Charlotte was wearing a green hoody that was zipped up 3/4 of the way but still showed off her massive cleavage. She had on some big gold hoop earrings and small pair of tan shorts that hugged her big butt. She had painted her lips and nails the same color of soft pink. She had on some pink flip flops. Tina was about 5ft 5 with long black hair. She had some big silver hoop earrings to go along with a few piercing on the tongue and lip. She had a black hoody that was zipped up half way. She also had some big breast but not as large as Charlotte. Tina was a little bigger around the butt and had a little bit more curve in the front. Tina had some black mini shorts and black leather boots with a 4inch heel on them. She had on black finger nails polish and some red lipstick on. Both girls had very white skin but unlike Charlotte who had one tattoo on her ankle of a rose. Tina had a few tattoos on her legs, lower back, arms and a big black star on her upper left breast. I smiled as they watched me put on some Axe body spray. I opened my robe a tiny bit to spray.

"Thanks for bringing my ID badge. Those things are so hard to replace." I said. "Well I am glad I did." Charlotte said. "Where's your room mate? Tina said in a soft voice. "I dropped him off at the library. He works there until 6pm tonight. Kinda of a work study thing. He is probably in the back sleeping if I know him." I said. Both girls giggled. "Your right those badges are hard to replace. Maybe since we brought it back there may be a reward or something." said Tina. "Yeah like a big reward." said Charlotte. "What did you have in mind. Remember I am a college student. Not sure if I have any cash laying around. Any other ideas?" I said. I admit I was horny. It had been awhile and been a few days since I had some alone time to help myself. Both girls whispered in each other ears and giggled. "Your over Melissa right. Your not going back right." Charlotte said. "Yes!! Yes!! Melissa and I are over with." I said.

"Ok bring that sexy ass over here." Charlotte said. I walked over and both girls got off the bed. They were on there knees with Tina on the right and Charlotte on the left. Tina reached up and untied my robe. I took it off and placed it on my bed. Charlotte smiled as my 9 3/4 inch cock was starting to get harder in her small hands. Both girls licked the top of my cock head. They took the big drop of pre cumm off the tip. I leaned back as they ran there hands on my hard abs and Charlotte reached around to fondle my hard ass. I watched in amazement as each girl had no trouble getting all my cock down there throats. They spat out my wet cock then the next girl sucked him. They did this for about 15 minutes before Charlotte stood up.

I started to French kiss Charlotte and fondle her big breasts. I looked down to see Tina smacking her face with my hard wet cock. She was sucking my balls as Charlotte jacked my cock on her friends face. I put my left hand on the Charlotte big ass. My hands are big but looked small on her butt. I smiled as Charlotte rubbed her big tits in my face. I was biting her nipples when I felt Charlotte knees and he breast moved down on my face. She screamed as I looked down to see Tina had begun to put two fingers in her friends pussy. After a few minuted Tina began to eat her friends pussy. The room smelled of two big girls using me for there pleasure. Charlotte orgasmed on Tina mouth and then Tina stood up. They began to French kiss as I pushed both girls breast together. There were four huge breast all smashed together. The tattoos were moving as each girl pinched the other girls nipples. I stood there as now each girl squatted down to suck my cock. I pushed my cock into Tina breast and then Charlotte's. I could not last much longer. Tina grabbed my cock to aim it at Charlotte mouth. I watched as both girls head moved in font of my cock. Bam!! A huge load came out and landed on each girls face. They took tuns lick me clean and passing my load between there mouths.

I watched as Tina got on my bed. "That was fun. Do you have any more for us. I mean can you get hard?" said Tina. "O' fuck look he is starting to get hard again. Move your fat ass over bitch." said Charlotte. "Are you ready girls." I said. Both giggled again as Charlotte was in between her friends legs. I watched as Tina closed her eyes as Charlotte was eating her friends pussy. "Yes! Yes! Damn Charlotte your eating my pussy better than the other night. Fucking suck my cunt bitch." said Tina. I started to play with myself as each girl switched positions to eat each others pussy. After 20 minutes I fed my cock into Charlotte mouth. She got me rock hard in a few minutes.

I went down to the end of the bed. I grabbed Tina legs to spread them apart. Her ass was huge as she brought it back to the tip of my cock. I spit on my cock as I inserted into Tina tight pussy. After a few strokes I got a great rhythm going. Tina could no longer sucked her friends pussy as she moaned from me fucking her. Charlotte laughed as she pushed Tina face back on her wet pussy. "Eat my pussy. I know that the first boy cock you have had in there. Don't make it your last." said Charlotte. Tina went back to eating her friends pussy as I slapped her big ass. I looked down after a few minutes and felt the bed move. Charlotte got up after cumming on her fiends face. She was now next to me as we Frenched kissed again. She grabbed my cock to push it farther into Tina pussy. She was spanking her friends ass. There were one large red imprint on Tina left ass cheek and a small hand imprint on her other ass cheek. Charlotte pulled out my cock to lick the tip. Tina fell face first on the bed as she orgasmed on my cock a second before.

"Ok big boy. Get on your back and let me ride you. Tina get up." Charlotte said. Tina got on her butt with her legs open. I laid down with my face under Tina breast and on her curvy stomach. Next I watched as Charlotte stood above me and slowly squatted down on my erect cock. "Fuck he feels good inside me. I hope you can fuck me better than Tina does with her fake cock back in her room?" Charlotte said. I felt Charlotte pussy contract and her pussy lips hit the base of my cock. I was completely shaved and could feel her pussy hairs hit my balls as she fucked me harder. "Yes! Yes! O my God your great baby. I never been touched that deep before. Damn that skinny bitch doesn't know what she missed." Charlotte said. I could feel Tina breath as Charlotte leaned her big breast into my mouth. I was sucking Charlotte big erect nipples as Tina pinched the top of her friends breast.

After 15 minutes of Charlotte riding my cock. I felt Tina hands go down my chest. She started to pinch my nipples. She bit my neck. I then felt Tina began to use her long nails on my abs and flat stomach. She smiled when Charlotte orgasmed and fell off my cock onto the side of the bed. My cock was really wet as both girls pussy juices where running down the full length. I got up and Charlotte crawled over to her friends pussy on the bed. She kissed her friends naked pussy as I walked around to get on the bed. I was rubbing my cock on Charlotte big butt. She pulled her blonde hair back. "Fuck me in the ass. Put that big cock of yours in my tight ass hole. I need to feel you deep inside me sexy." Charlotte said. Tina smiled as she came on her friends face.

I stuck my cock in Charlotte pussy to get it wet. I got my cock at Charlotte back door, I held onto her hips as I gently inserted my cock in her tight butt hole. With one quick thrust I was all the way in. Charlotte orgasmed and I could feel her stomach contract. "Fuck yeah!! God his cock is huge Tina. You should feel how far he is in my ass." Charlotte said. I pounded Charlotte and held onto her long blonde hair with both my hands. She liked when I slapped her big ass as I pulled her hair. She screamed as I slammed my cock into her ass one last time. I could feel my big load come up the side of my cock and fill her up. I fell to the side. Tina got up and came around to start to lick her friends ass hole. Se sucked the load out of her friend ass. They both collapsed on the bed. I crawled in between them and laid there for some time.

I called Mike at the library to tell him to get a ride. I got some clothes and walked back with the girls to Tina dorm room. They had on there hoodys and I was wearing my small red shorts and no t-shirt. They bet I would not walk back with them in my shorts. If I did then the would fuck each other in front of me with a big black strap on. I got to watch. Turns out they never had double penetration before. So when I fucked one the other put on the strap on and we fucked the others girls pussy at the same time. I spent the whole weekend with them. I also learned how to take pic's of them with sexy outfits and my favorite wooden heels. They tried to get me in a video but they could not tape and have sex with me at the same time.

I dated a few other girls at college that year. All of them were big as Charlotte and Tina. They came over when they had some free time. They brought a big girl for Mike my room mate. Now he is addicted. They brought some girls from there sorority. BBW (Beta Beta WOW) and now those guys are addicted to big gurls. Once you go thick you never go back.

On a sad note the Skinny Bitch plane crashed on the way to Utah. They all were lost on a island. They may have been eatin by the tribe who lived on the island.

Ok the last part crazy but hey not ever day two big beautiful women fuck the shit out of you and make you turn into a big gurl lover.

Who loves you???

Mature French Celeb Christine Boisson.. seethru nipples

Seriously, i wouldn;t knew her at all if not these set of nips exposed.. :) Well she is still 'solid' considering her age...

Christine Boisson (born 8 April 1956 in Salon de Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône) is French actress.

After she registered in a model agency, Just Jaeckin liked her photo, and she got a part in the film Emmanuelle starring Sylvia Kristel, in which she played a lollipop-sucking teenager who masturbates over a picture of Paul Newman. Then she got some more film roles, but she also continued to study acting. Red more here... (wikipedia)

Kate Moss topless Sunbathing

Kate Moss prepped for tonight's Costume Institute Gala with a relaxing weekend on her pal Philip Green's yacht in Monaco. She lounged in the sun with Philip's wife, Christina, avoiding unsightly tan lines without her bikini top. The fun times wrapped up yesterday as Kate left Monaco with the Greens via helicopter and started her trek to NYC for tonight's festivities.

HOLIDAY girl KATE MOSS looks a model of relaxation on the yacht of her boss, retail billionaire SIR PHILIP GREEN.

Kate, 35, might have added a few pounds since her days as a waif-like supermodel, but she was happy to go topless in the sun as she joined Sir Philip and his wife Christina off Monaco.

Katherine "Kate" Ann Moss (born 16 January 1974) is an English model. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers.[2] She is known for her waifish figure, uncommonly short height for a fashion model, and appearances in many advertising campaigns. She is also notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle. She came 2nd on the Forbes top 15 richest supermodels list, estimated to earn $9 million in one year. CONTINUE TO READ MORE HERE ....

Sir Philip Green (born 15 March 1952) is a British billionaire businessman who owns some of the United Kingdom's largest retailers, including Bhs and the Arcadia Group. He is Britain's ninth richest person with assets worth around £4.43bn in 2008.[1] He owns 2300 shops in the UK and his assets currently control 12% of the UK clothing retail market, making his empire the second-largest in the sector. The leader, Marks and Spencer, has been the target of three unsuccessful takeover bids from Green. CONTINUE TO READ MORE HERE ....

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